It should be noted however, if you choose the DC route you will need to work out a relay switching arrangement in order to go in reverse. In an electric car the linkage that used to be for the gas pedal, is now connected to a device called a pot box. The electric motor speed is determined by the controller and the battery pack determines how far you can go on a charge. You need to get a Electric SCOOTER CONTROLLER DC controller that will handle atleast 100v battery storage. The HUB MOTOR resistance of the "pot" or potentiometer is what the Dc controller measures to determine the speed of the electric motor. Motor controllers come in two types.Which ever type you choose for your electric car, either DC or AC, the end result is the same. The pot box is simply a variable resistor or potentiometer that sends signals to the motor controller that tells it what position the gas pedal is in.

One of the decisions when building your electric car is what type of motor controller you are going to use.. This ishow the speed of the motor is controlled.DC controllersAC ControllersDC controllers are less expensive than their AC counterparts, but performance can be an issue with them. One of the advantages in an AC setup is the ability of the controller to use braking as a means of recharging the batteries. At this capacity you will have acceleration to match or even out perform the regular gasoline car. These three phases are connected to the ac motor, and by controlling the voltage and frequency, the ac controller can adjust the speed of the motor.

The Dc controller works by pulsing the motor of your electric car at a rate determined by the position of the gas pedal. The ac controller still accepts the DC voltage from the batteries, but through special circuits in the controller, it generates three separate ac waveforms known as phases.The AC controller is sold as a set with the AC motor. This makes the AC controller more efficient than the DC but also leads to the added expense. Since the operation ismore complex they are not sold separately. The linkage from the gas pedal is connected to a device called a pot box. This is done at a relatively high frequency, such that you can't hear it. The motor controller, as its name implies, controls the electric motor. As with the Dc controller the pot box is used as the interface